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What is marketing?

  • Marketing is presenting something of interest to specific people and helping them learn more about you and your book or product and providing them incentive to follow through to purchase. It also increases your market profile by engaging new audiences or wider networks to your book or product, so anything you do differently will improve your outcomes immediately. 
  • By stepping out of the norm and being seen by new and interested audiences you will find new results and grow. So, the more awareness, and the more exposure you can create, the more positively the end buyers will respond.
  • Our marketing aim is to provide clear and easy access to your book or product so they can take time to consider and enjoy it through all our quality levels of presentation to them.
  • Marketing works when it is all encompassing, when all potential avenues are exposed to the market equally. Often people may make the mistake of doing a single paid social media campaign for a small investment with little result, or may have tried an advertisement here and there as a one off but stopped due to finding a lack of interest from the market, or even stood in a crowded town market smiling at passers-by and with no great results for the day effort.

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Read A Lot - READALOT Magazine Australia

So, how much time and money do you give yourself to find readers or buyers? Are you looking for a quick sell, or a long term established brand of recognition?

READALOT Magazine Marketing benefits:
  • READALOT Magazine advertising allows you to reach a niche audience interested in the publication's topic.
  • READALOT Magazine advertising offers a wide range of high-quality visual options.
  • READALOT Magazine ads have a longer lifespan compared to digital ads.
  • READALOT Magazine ads enhance brand credibility and trustworthiness.
  • READALOT Magazine ads are data trackable and offer higher ROI analysis.

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Great Reason to Advertise Your Brand in READALOT Magazine

The saturation of technology and digital media has led to renewing people’s interest in print media. As a result, there has been a marked increase in print publication, with print advertising following in the wake of the interest in print publishing.READALOT Magazine advertising, alongside newspaper advertising, is regarded as an effective medium for print advertising, and both small and big businesses still utilize it as part of their cohesive marketing strategy.
Magazines are high quality, can be quirky, exciting, and a great source of information to audiences. Advertisers should highly consider READALOT Magazine advertising as the perfect niche publication for books and authors, as well as for booksellers and publishers.

Other great reasons you should advertise your business in magazines are:

  • READALOT Magazine presents high-quality images of authors and book covers
    READALOT Magazine printing is presented on luxury glossy paper that is attractive to the readers and enhances high resolution images and colours. The chances are that your product is not unique. High-quality images, however, allow for the best representation of your book or product, turning it into a glorious work of art to capture the attention and interest of your audience.
  • READALOT Magazine targets specific audiences who love books, and buy them
    One of READALOT’s Magazine’s biggest strengths is the ability to target your specific demographics of readers and book buyers by a larger network of distribution to the market. Most magazines are specially created to target a niche audience with specific topics and themes for the target audience, and READALOT is no exception in carefully crafting its distribution to key market areas for readers to find and enjoy your brand presence. We aim to satisfy a specific need for the reader. READALOT Magazine has a wide range of book titles presented that appeal to various demographics, interests, and lifestyles. This makes it easy for you as advertisers to target your readers and grow brand and sales opportunities.
  • Creating Brand interest with credible content
    READALOT Magazine is not only about the advertising presented, but it also provides readers with many author interviews and book reviews and profiles for readers to indulge in and consider the book in the comfort of a high-quality presentation. These interviews and profiles can be for well-known or unknown authors who seek to present themselves to a reader in the most professional and personal way.


Read A Lot - READALOT Magazine Australia
Read A Lot - READALOT Magazine Australia
  • A credible source of information
    Consumers will build a trust and belief in READALOT Magazine articles and advertisements, as these are expertly created through years of meticulously publishing high-quality and credible content that people trust through the publication of books and media related to key places where they buy books. Placing your advertisement in a trusted magazine brand makes your ad more noticeable and engaging. Advertisers can benefit immensely from this credibility and trustworthiness when people view your ads and not just as ads but as recommendations from a trusted and credible source they enjoy. This will further support your brand awareness and brand loyalty for your book sales.
  • READALOT Magazine advertising is affordable
    Advertising in READALOT Magazine is not only cheaper than doing it in newspapers, radio, and television, or other less circulated magazines because it will be a larger format with more pages. It will also have a wider distribution network for readers to find it in more places and to engage in it more effectively. READALOT Magazine also combines print advertising with a huge digital advertising campaign to make sure the cost is lower, and impact is wider for the spending. This means that anyone can place an advertisement in our magazine at a pocket-friendly price, or even on a payment plan if you have a future release planned of a new book.
    As magazine ads are typically charged based on your ad’s size and placement on a magazine page, it is a cost-effective way of advertising. Standard sizes are full page, half page, third page, and quarter-page ads. There are also the prime placements of the back cover, or inside the covers, as ad space.
  • READALOT Magazine has a long shelf life
    READALOT Magazine will last longer than other forms of print media like newspapers because of its quality and topics included. Many people keep magazines for weeks, months, and even years. People are less likely to throw away magazines as they usually read them for pleasure at their leisure. They also share them with their friends and family members. Magazines have staying power which means that your advertisement is likely to be seen repeatedly by different people at different times during the life of the magazine. In places like hotels and office reception areas, and hospital waiting rooms, you will find READALOT Magazine accessible all around the country, ready for visitors to peruse while they wait to be served. This promotes pass-on ad exposure and can triple your potential for brand awareness value and future sales of books.
  • READALOT Magazine offer different design options
    READALOT Magazine offer flexible design options for advertisers. When you advertise in our magazine, you can decide to have your ad as a whole display ad or a simple text. You also get the chance to choose where you want your ad to be placed, on the cover, or buried within the pages. You can decide to run your ad with a special offer or discount code, a survey, or even a tiny mini article that looks like it was written for the magazine. These are the many ways that you can take advantage of working with us for your marketing campaigns.
Read A Lot - READALOT Magazine Australia


Read A Lot - READALOT Magazine Australia


  • People prefer tangible publications to virtual ones
    Although social media has slowly but steadily seeped into our everyday life, many people still prefer the feel and look of a real and tangible publication to a virtual online one. Most readers only scan a website for 15 seconds and move on; the real experience of reading a magazine surpasses the virtual one that can create a mind share – a share in the target customers’ minds. The contemplation and enjoyment of reading a quality magazine without distraction of pop-ups, videos, random posts from strangers bombarding them is a satisfying and enjoyable experience for readers of quality magazines. The social media platforms also create the illusion of mass number exposure to ads and posts or activities, yet the lower number of a magazine audience can create higher sales numbers to your book or product because they will take the time and effort to consider it and engage with it longer than 15 seconds. See our social media overview following this magazine summation and you will further understand that mass exposure is not a certainty for mass sales, but a conservative, well presented, and affordable presentation in our magazine will achieve more response and results for your book and brand.
  • Track interactions to your advertising with READALOT Magazine
    We have made sure that all our advertisements, or interviews and articles, are tagged with a QR Code that links directly to where magazine readers can purchase your book right there and then, or read a sample of the book, or visit your website. READALOT also will be able to provide you confidential data on your ad’s response from readers, including, how many scans, how many clicks to what sites, how many downloads of sample chapters were made…and by you knowing this valuable information, you will be able to compare to other sales tracking data you may have to see how the ads worked for conversions. The thing to know is that our magazine only presents and directs them to the place to buy, we cannot confirm the actual purchasing of the book through our data as this would be on the reseller’s website. But you will gain enough data and confidence to know your spending in READALOT Magazine was evidently worth it.
  • More reach with online magazines
    As has been the trend in the last decade, many traditional media platforms are migrating online with digital formats of magazines. READALOT Magazine will also be available to online readers to further showcase your adverts and articles that you place in our printed magazine, and this will expand again to more readers and buyers for your books or products. The only question you need to ask now is how you get started!

Simple answer, talk with us and we will custom design an effective affordable campaign for your future success.


For the full picture and benefit of your book marketing goals, request your free Complete Marketing Guide today

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