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Matt - READALOT Magazine Australia


Sales Manager

Matthew grew up as an avid reader in his formative years and has always had a passion for creativity. He feels fortunate to be able to combine his career in sales with his love of the arts and enjoys speaking with authors and publishers about their works. When he is not working with READALOT he is spending time with his family and friends and catching up on the latest in film and television.

Elissa - READALOT Magazine Australia


Senior Editor

Amanda’s first memory is of being read to by her nan, her first pocket money went towards buying a Little Golden Book and her favourite teacher in high school was her years 10 and 11 English teacher. So, it was no surprise to anyone she ended up as a writer/editor and found her way to Readalot Magazine. Amanda says she has never finished a book she's started, and loves to be challenged, entertained and occasionally bamboozled with what she has read, but believes that’s part of the absolute pleasure of being transported to another world. She thinks Australian authors rock!

Raechel - READALOT Magazine Australia


Marketing Coordinator

Raechel started out as a teacher (primary and secondary) but while she adored working with children, she found she was more drawn to sales and marketing. So, she left education and launched a little street magazine created with love, passion, endless enthusiasm and no money. The magazine didn't last long (no money!) but it was the start of a career that included social media marketing, website development, designing promotional material, and copy writing. Now she coordinates the marketing for READALOT Magazine, liaising with advertisers, the design team, sales and editorial to create amazing marketing campaigns for our advertisers.

Liz - READALOT Magazine Australia



Elizabeth is an unapologetic bookworm from a young age, Liz was inspired to blend her love for design and books into a career. She is now living the dream, immersed in the rich world of Australian authors and books, crafting everything READALOT for your viewing pleasure, from the magazine itself to the advertising and social media..

Brad - READALOT Magazine Australia


Managing Editor

Eddie Mac is an advocate for all new and emerging Australian authors, as well as resellers and book lovers who desire more exposure and more readers. He designed the magazine with one goal in mind, to deliver more books to more people around the country and allow them access to new books and popular books through QR access and effective distribution and marketing tools that bring more sales for the industry to continue growing and expanding quality works for all. He knows readers will love it and publishers will appreciate it also!

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