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Podcast - READALOT Magazine

Podcasts offer huge potential exposure, reach, and a pre-existing enthralled audience.

  • Huge potential audience
  • Easy & budget friendly
  • Establish credibility
  • Connect with customers
  • Generate leads
  • Global reach
  • Increase book awareness

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Let’s take a close look at the benefits of podcasting

Other great reasons you should advertise your business in magazines are:
  • Huge potential audience
    As we saw above, podcasting gives you access to a huge potential listenership. Crucially, if you can tap into even just a small portion of the avid podcast listeners worldwide, you’ll gain an invaluable captive audience. Promoting your book to global listeners is key to the wider market share of your book sales potential. READALOT will target 5000 downloaded listens to our podcast channel a month and it will grow rapidly once listeners hear and engage with the content produced and provided to them.
  • Global reach
    Podcasts are an international medium. So even if you’re based in Australia, your content could reach ears across the globe. This is an exciting prospect for both individual creators and businesses looking to build their international presence for book sales and credible profiles.
    READALOT Magazine has a wide range of book titles presented that appeal to various demographics, interests, and lifestyles. This makes it easy for you as advertisers to target your readers and grow brand and sales opportunities.
  • Easy & budget friendly
    A huge benefit of podcasting with READALOT is that we have all the high-end production professionals to support you, not to mention the extended marketing to grow the audience and your influence on
    potential book buyers. We take care of everything for a nominal investment, so you gain the highest interest for returns.
  • Long-form
    Nowadays, it seems like short-form content rules the game. But podcasts seem to trump this limited attention-span culture. Podcasts allow you to make the most of long-form formats without worrying about limiting your length to a mere 30 seconds. Our interactive, and captivating podcasts allow for listeners to understand and appreciate your talents and take time to consider your real value in relation to their interest in your book. With an average length of 20-30 minutes, they allow for a good conversation and thought process and keep people in consideration of your work.
  • Repurposed content
    Another huge benefit of podcasting is how easy it becomes to repurpose your content. You don’t need to reserve podcasts just for audio or video channels, you can also repurpose your podcast transcripts into other social media content. READALOT will be able to give you access to transcripts of your podcast to allow for further marketing options across mediums such as websites and blogs.
  • Evergreen content
    Finally, Podcasts are evergreen, meaning your audience can go back and enjoy your old content whenever they want. Unlike short-form social media content, they don’t disappear. This also means you can continue making money from previous episodes.
  • Podcasting benefits for your podcast exposure
    If you’re thinking about recording your podcast with READALOT, here’s why you should take the leap:
  • Generate leads
    Even if you’re not explicitly plugging your business, podcasts are a very powerful lead generator. According to Edison Research, 51% of listeners pay attention to podcast ads more than other media and 56% consider purchasing after listening to a brand’s podcast ad.
  • Establish credibility
    Podcasts are a highly valuable way to establish you as a regarded author. You are featured in thoughtful consideration and have the time and planning to prepare a good interview to be presented to your listeners. This will cement your book value through a vocal and trustworthy voice within your market. This also helps deepen credibility and trust with readers.
  • Connect with customers
    Using our podcast, you can start to ‘humanize’ your book and connect with your consumers. You can build a stronger community for readers and book buyers alike. By enhancing your podcast brand across other platforms, you can further engage with listeners and buyers. This is another effective strategy for cultivating credibility and loyalty amongst your customers.
  • Increase book awareness
    Finally, a podcast is a highly effective way to increase brand awareness from a different angle. Firstly, you’re likely to reach new ears through our podcast, which is a great way to increase exposure for your book. Additionally, you’ll have another outlet through which to convey more context and background to what it is your book is about and why readers should buy it.
Read A Lot - READALOT Magazine Australia Read A Lot - READALOT Magazine Australia Read A Lot - READALOT Magazine Australia


Something extra to consider!

READALOT has amazing opportunities to expand beyond a one recording podcast option and these can increase your brand exposure by ten times the value of a single podcast

Read A Lot - READALOT Magazine Australia

Podcast Sponsorship

  • 10 x intro and outros on 10 new podcasts – be heard over and over again to listeners!
  • Sponsorship banner Ad on website page
  • Includes a logo addition to full page adverts for our podcast channel in the magazine editions.
  • Includes social media promotions of podcast – is brought to you by (your name!)
  • Includes email banner Ad logo on emails promoting podcast to subscribers.
  • Talk to us to make sure you gain the most from this sponsorship option!

Read A Lot - READALOT Magazine Australia

Podcast Advertising

  • A 15 second advertisement created for your book or business is inserted into every podcast you select and pay for!
  • Social media campaign to promote your Advert in our podcast channel.
  • Website logo brand on podcast channel page
  • Logo brand in magazine Ads for podcast channel


These are great extras to expand your brand and increase the value of your expenditure over multiple Podcasts and wider audiences!

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