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Great reasons to Advertise your books with READALOT Magazine

  • Over 500,000 targeted readers and subscribers both in print and digital annually through our five editions a year!
  • We exclusively present the largest A4 gloss quality format to stand out and be appreciated by readers of the magazine.
  • We offer competitive rates and customized options to meet a budget and gain you the most exposure and results for your investment.
  • We are very passionate about sharing your talent and want your books to be found everywhere readers look to buy books.
  • Be noticed and highly considered in the exclusivity of the quality magazine and articles.

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Your best options for branding with READALOT

Your magazine advertising offers two channels for maximum exposure – print & digital, and both have a selected targeted audience for your best results to be achieved.

The print editions will be sent out every two-month cycle of the year to the below list of targeted businesses which will aid in the spreading of your brand awareness.

The Digital exposure will be via website, email and social media with targeted advertising to compliment and draw interest to your book’s availability and value. The digital audience will be 4 times the target of the print edition and a great way to use both mediums to gain maximum exposure.

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Readership and influence

  • Website – targeted 45,000+ hits per month, 1,750,000+ page views per year, 360,000+ unique visitors per year
  • Print and digital edition – targeted 100,000+ readership
  • EDM subscribers – targeted 35,300+ READALOT plus READALOT 4 KIDS
  • Social Media – targeted 25,500+ Facebook, 5,600+ Instagram, 500+ LinkedIn
  • PODCAST – Targeted 40,000 unique downloads per month

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About READALOT readers

General demographics:

  • 61% are female, 38% are male
  • 15% are aged between 25 and 44
  • 37% are aged between 45 and 64
  • 98% are active on Social media
  • 60% are parents of young children
  • 50% are active in community events
Demographic Chart 1 - READALOT Magazine
Demographic Chart 2 - READALOT Magazine
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Where READALOT will be found by readers

READALOT magazine have set up clear and easy access to trade buyers and general book readers by focusing our direct print and digital efforts toward the places and businesses people read and access magazines. Here are a few key industries we aim to share your ads with —

  • Municipal Councils
  • Child Care and Kindergartens
  • Aged care and retirement homes
  • Schools – Primary to High School
  • High Schools & Universities
  • Newsagencies
  • Motels
  • Caravan Parks
  • Hairdressers
  • Big W
  • Kmart
  • Target
  • Cafes
  • Dental surgeries
  • Podiatrists & chiropractors
  • Hospitals
  • Medical centres
  • Australia Post Offices
  • Media Offices – such as radio, TV and print papers

The Magazine will be inviting the subscribers to share the magazine in waiting rooms, staff rooms or areas where people congregate for breaks or social relaxation during work and quiet times as well as being designed to inform trade book buyers of the books coming out or available to order.

This wider market exposure is unlike any other magazine on offer to the country for authors, publishers and resellers in the book business alike who will benefit from this further exposure of their quality brand and products.

About Our Readers - READALOT Magazine
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